Benchmarc Upcycled G5 Power Mac Computer Office Furniture by Klaus Geiger

Benchmarc Upcycled G5 Power Mac Computer Furniture by Geiger Klaus

The G5 Power Mac was a groundbreaking personal computer, with both a distinctive exterior design as well as being the first 64-bit computer inside. Apple’s G5 was the predecessor to the Mac Pro which also featured a similar aluminium case. After working with the machines for 10 years, Klaus Geiger couldn’t bring himself to simply throw them away so he upcycled these iconic aluminium cases into some rather unique office furniture.

Close-up of Solid Wood Plank Bench in G5 Power Mac

This includes the bench pictured above, which features a solid wood plank that fits seamlessly into the rounded handle appendages of two G5 Power Mac cases to form a seating platform. Klaus also stacked two cases on top of each other sideways on a set of castor wheels to create a simple side table which also features drawers for storage.

Side Table Container from Upcycled G5 Power Mac Computers

Bench made from Upcycled G5 Power Mac Computers

Geiger called this project Benchmarc, which is presumably a play on words on bench as a furniture piece, and on benchmarking. Benchmark tests are a series of predefined computational tasks given to pieces of hardware in order to determine their relative performance capabilities, and is a particuarly apt name for a piece of furniture made from such hardware.

Wooden Plank Slots into the handles of aluminium computer case

Rendered Visualisation of Upcycled Computer Furniture by Klaus Geiger

As well as making a bench and a small table for himself, Klaus Geiger has also created these rendered visualisations that depict other upcycled computer furniture pieces he has envisaged.

Upcycled Aluminium Chassis of G5 Power Mac Computer

Bench made from Upcycled G5 Power Mac Computers

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