TRMNL Desk by CreativeSession – Workspace for the Digital Nomad

TRMNL Desk by CreativeSession

CreativeSession have just unveiled their new desk concept intended for the digital nomad. Their latest design is known as TRMNL (Terminal minus the vowels) and is the perfect modern workspace. TRMNL features concealed electrical wiring for an integrated charging station, a pin-board at the back for notes as well as specially designed modular desk accessories, and a removable work surface with hidden storage underneath.

Charging Station (Two Plug and Two USB Sockets) on TRMNL DESK

It really is the Swiss Army knife of desks. A vibrant yet discrete power cable slips out from one of the legs to provide energy to the charging station at the top of the desk. This features two plugs for a laptop and lamp as well as two USB sockets which have become the norm for charging modern portable devices such as iPads and smartphones. Cables are a reality in modern workspaces and a lot of furniture being designed just doesn’t accommodate for them.

Concealed Wiring for Charging Station on TRMNL Desk

Removable Surface and Concealed Storage in TRMNL Desk

To help conceal charging devices and a lot of your other paraphernalia the TRMNL desk features a removable cover with concealed storage beneath much like traditional school desks. I can’t tell from the pictures whether the wires of the devices charging inside will make the surface uneven if they run under it but hopefully CreativeSession could cut a few notches to accommodate them in future incarnations of the TRMNL workspace.

Another really interesting aspect to the TRMNL desk is an angled pin-board at the back. On this you can of course pin paper notes but also keep at hand an array of modular desk accessories – cable tidies, iPhone docks and scissors for example.

Pin On Accessories for TRMNL Desk by CreativeSession

Two Colours of TRMNL Desk - Red and Green

Solid details about the TRMNL are pretty scant on the CreativeSession website with nothing substantial being said at all in their project description. At the moment it looks like it’s just a concept desk but I think as a selection of features that the modern workspace needs, it could have commercial success if a manufacturer were to decide to take on the design.


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