Layer Drawings: 3D Sculptural Photography by Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Blending the realms of photography and sculpture, Nobuhiro Nakanishi’s collection of artworks incorporates layers of transparent acrylic sheets as a medium. These panels are hung in parallel, with a series of chronologically captured photographs being printed onto each sheet.

Natural landscapes play a dominant role in Nobuhiro Nakanishi’s Layer Drawings, with sunsets and the passing of clouds being ideal topics for these incrementally taken pictures. Skies darken and colours become more vibrant as time passes in each of these installations.

We are all subject to the passing of time, yet each of us feels and perceives it in our own way. Time itself has no shape or boundary and cannot be fixed or grasped. When we look at the photographs in these sculptures, we attempt to fill in the gaps between the individual images. We draw from our physical experiences to fill in missing time and space, both ephemeral and vague.Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Observing the patterns of the colour-tinted shadows cast by the suspended panels becomes just as much a part of the viewing experience as the photographs themselves, such as the crisscrossing lattices of the wall-mounted installations pictured below.

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