Layers Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat Fabric

Layers Cloud Chair by Richard Hatten

Inspired by the Painted Desert in Arizona, the Layers Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten is built from layer upon layer of coloured fabric to create a surface resembling the pigmented sedimentary rock formations. The individual layers of CNC cut Kvadrat Divina fabric are assembled by hand resulting in a vibrant lounge chair – with an emphasis on spheres – which borders on Space Age design.

Side of the Layers Cloud Chair at the Milan Design Week

With a remarkable chair comes some pretty remarkable statistics and the Layers Cloud Chair isn’t exactly the most sustainable or economically viable furniture piece. At 545 layers, the chair took 763m² of Kvadrat fabric to make (not cheap stuff) and it took 240 hours to assemble the layers to form the 234kg chair. So not the most practical design but that’s not really the point of furniture for the Milan Design Week as we’ve seen with the $135,000 volcanic rock and carbon fibre Onyx Sofa by Peugeot Design Lab.

Close-up of the Seat Circles of Layers Cloud Chair

“I wanted the design to be about the textile. Rather than using the material as a cover, I created an object with the material.” – Richard Hutten

The Layers Cloud Chair was created for the Kvadrat Divina Exhibition at the 2014 Milan Design Week and bears a very similar form to Richard Hutten‘s previous Cloud Chair made of aluminium which is also composed of clustered spheres.

Spheres on the Exterior of the Layers Cloud Chair with Colour Fabric

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