Peter’s Flat by Mili Młodzi Ludzie: Ultra-Minimalist Geometric Apartment

View through Peter's Flat with Black Geometric Features

Interior designer Mili Młodzi Ludzie created this apartment with an €8000 budget, a 26m² floor space, and a brief for a clutter-free living space. Their extraordinary tact for geometric home design helped them make up for the tiny floor plan of the apartment by incorporating an ultra-minimalist design scheme and innovative hinged paneling on all walls to provide concealed storage.

Kitchen of Compact Peter's Flat by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie

Fluorescent Tube Lighting on Black Lines in Ultra-Minimalist Apartment

The surfaces in Peter’s Flat are entirely white, from the resin floor to the angular panelling of the walls and ceilings, and are interspersed only by the black lines of the powder-coated metal fixtures and the darkened shadows between wall segments.

Peter's Flat by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie Dining Area with Stool One Chairs by Konstantin Grcic

These lines created by the storage panelling joints follow patterns cast by 4 imaginary planes intersecting the apartment. The lines are seemingly random and were perhaps intended to create the illusion of a larger space through disorientation – in a similar way to dazzle ship camouflage.

Sofa in Peter's Flat with Minimalistic Intersecting Planes on Walls

Raised Bed in Peter's Flat by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie

To maximise available floor space, the sleeping area is to be found atop the integrated bathroom. This raised bed is accessible via a custom built ladder and is undoubtedly the best solution for a comfortable life in a studio apartment. The black metal of the ladder seems to perfectly match the black Stool One seating by Konstantin Grcic.

Minimalist Black Ladder to Access Mezzanine Sleeping Space in Peter's Flat

The bathroom features basic, black and white, square wall tiles which have been cleverly arranged to create a randomised transition from light to dark in the room. It’s simple, cost-effective interior design ideas like this that enabled Moli Młodzi Ludzie to create such a unique living space with such a modest budget.

Bathroom Under Sleeping Space with Black and White Random Wall Tiles

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