Four-Cornered Villa in Finland by Avanto Architects

Four Cornered House in the Evening

Minimalist Interior Design and Full-Wall Windows of Four Cornered Villa

A black timber-clad cabin is set on a horseshoe-shaped island on Lake Vaskievsi near Virrat, Finland; this is Four-Cornered Villa an architecturally significant structure designed by Villa Hara and Anu Puustinen of Avanto Architects. The unusual floor plan, a cross-shaped layout with four distinct wings extending outwards from a central room, gives the interior space a continuous yet channeled flow. Remarkably, Four-Cornered Villa has a floor area of just 78m² but the light minimalist interior, coupled with full-wall windows at each aperture, certainly make it feel more spacious.

Floor Plan of Four Cornered Villa by Avanto Architects

Open Plan Central Space with Four Wings

Four Cornered Villa by Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen

There’s no running water at Four-Cornered Villa (Vaskivesi Lake is 20m away), and no central heating (there are two wood burning stoves). Electricity is provided via solar cells but Four-Cornered Villa is really intended to be a wilderness retreat. The architects describe the experience of living in the dwelling as ascetic, but more from a standpoint of eco-friendliness and escaping hectic city environments, rather than a life of self-discipline and piety.

Wood Burner in Wing of Four Cornered Villa by Ville Hara

Four Cornered Villa in Finnish Island Forest Setting

White Minimalist Interior with Minimalist Finnish Design

Four-Cornered Villa is the work of Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen, Hara having been the co-creator of another idyllic Finnish dwelling we’ve featured on Homeli recently: Greenhouse Shed. The architects at Avanto designed this building to serve as their own holiday-residence and it was completed on a budget of just €150,000; a remarkable feat but no doubt aided in part by the somewhat primitive utilities.

Black Exterior of Four-Cornered Villa in Finnish Forest

White Timber Clad Interior

Four Cornered Villa in Snow

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