Deer Head Shelf by BEdesign

BEdesign Deer Shelf in Minimalist Interior Setting

These Deer shelves are perhaps a more animal-friendly alternative to the archaic yet strangely prevailing tradition of mounting a deer head trophies on walls. We’ve seen a similar such concept design in the past with CreativeSession’s brilliant low-poly styled Hedlytes, but these shelf designed by Bette Eklund of the Finnish studio BEdesign serve a more practical purpose.

Black and White metal Deer Head Shelves

Wood Deer Head Shelf by BEdesign in Forest

Minimalist geometric shapes form an abstract deer head shelf that features tonnes of unusually shaped cavities. These are ideal for storing a few select books, along with other small curiosities and everyday items such as candles. The gap between the ‘antlers also serves as a ledge for larger objects while a chunkier block at the lowest tip subtly reinforces the deer head imagery by resembling a nose.

Geometric Minimalist Deer Head Shelf in Oak by Bette Eklund

The deer head shelf can either be wall mounted or as pictured below simply stood on the ground. However there is the very real risk of the shelf toppling over if its contents aren’t balanced.

White Metal Deer Head Shelf on Floor

Wooden Deer Head Shelf on Concrete Step

BEdesign sell their deer head shelves through their own website here. The original version in solid oak wood is rather pricey at €2,700 but BEdesign have since created somewhat more affordable metal versions at €640 for the full-sized 107cm high deer head, and €440 for a slightly smaller 75cm edition.

Black Metal Deer Head Shelf by Finland BEdesign

Close-up of the White Metal Deer Head Shelf by BEdesign

Close-up of the solid oak deer head shelf geometry

White metal deer head shelf

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