My Phone Amp: A Blown Glass iPhone Amplifier by Aric Snee

My Phone Amp - A Blown Glass iPhone Amplifier by Aric Snee

The simple solutions are often the best, and while it might not be possible to discern the sound quality offered my Aric Snee’s glass blown amplifier through pictures alone, it’s certainly refreshing to not be tied down by electricity’s limitations.¬†Indeed, the ‘My Phone Amp’ speaker has no cable tethering it to a wall socket, or battery to wear down (aside from that of the phone) as the glass amplifies the sound given out by an iPhone’s speakers through its¬†vortical form.

Side View of Glass Blown iPhone Amplifier

Handmade Blown Glass Speakers

Each of these iPhone amplifiers are handmade by the glass artist, Aric Snee who sells them through his website for $325 a piece. Here you can also see some of his other works such as the Echo System series and Present in Place.

Aric Snee Shaping the Handmade Glass iPhone Amp

Rear of Vortical iPhone Speakesr in Glass by Aric Snee

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