Living Moss Bath Mat by Nguyen La Chanh

Standing on Living Moss Bath Mat

Nguyen La Chanh designed this living moss bath mat as a project for her degree at ECAL Switzerland, but after photos became published on several blogs, and countless comments started pouring in asking where it could be bought, she started taking steps to put “Larosée” into production.

The living moss bath mat: “Larosée” by Nguyen La Chanh, is now being sold by HoO Design, a company who pride themselves on their use of sustainable manufacturing methods and recycled materials to produce ecological products.

Close-up of Moss Carpet in Plastazote Latex Foam Base

The bathmat is comprised of a rigid frame made of plastazote latex foam into which various species of moss plugs are nested. Nguyen La Chanh used a blend of ball, island and forest moss varieties to produce her vibrant example pictured here.

Living Moss Carpet Bath Mat in Grey Bathroom

Those concerned that their recently washed feet might become dirty after standing on the moss carpet should be reassured to learn that there is no soil involved in this living bath mat at all. Instead the moss attaches itself to the recycled vegetal latex foam in a similar way as it would to a wall. The moss draws any sustenance it needs by absorbing humidity from the air and through soaking up the water from your feet, in doing so forming a symbiotic relationship with the user.

Many species of moss have antibacterial properties – some even being used as antiseptic dressings in wartime scenarios – and as a living material it regulates itself and fights off disease. Basically if people think that a regular fabric bath mat is more hygienic than this living moss alternative, then quite frankly they’re delusional.

Living Moss Carpet by Chanh La Nguyen

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      Oh, Hoo Design did have a BigCartel shop but it seems to have closed. So I’m not sure you can buy them anymore I guess. I did see a great DIY guide for the mat here though if you’re looking for a project.

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