Puzzling Modular Light Shade by Anton Alvarez

Puzzling Modular Light by Anton Alvarez

Anton Alvarez is a designer and artist whose works tend to focus on the production methods of furniture objects. Just take a look at his remarkable Thread Wrapping Machine for example which produces sturdy items such as benches or chairs with no traditional joints, screws or nails simply by wrapping the components in layers of PVA glue coated thread.

Puzzling Light by Anton Alvarez

Puzzling, as pictured here, is one of his earlier works and revolves around a single, repeated wooden modular shape which fits together without the need of glue. Alvarez designed this module so that it could be mass produced but then hand-assembled to form the final light shade. There are many possible ways that the modules could be assembled in Puzzling to form different shapes although the potential applications of this system are somewhat limited to objects such as lamp shades by the weakness of the small pieces of birch wood used.

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Puzzling Configuration 2 Modular Light Shade

Anton Alvarez Puzzling Light Shade

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