U33 Modular Pendant Lamp by Shift


The Mexican design studio Shift created this modular pendant lighting concept with just one repeated hexagonal pyramid shape. The modular components can be bolted together using distinctive fluorescent pegs to create an expandable lighting array that casts light over an increasing area.




Shift intend for the U33 lighting system to be assembled in a number of different formations which most importantly are balanced to hang evenly. That is, either as a single pendant, as a pair, or in more complex configurations of 4, 5 or even 10 as pictured below. The key idea behind the modular nature of the U33 pendant lamp system is that it can be expanded over time as the user’s space and funds grow.



Created to address continuously evolving interior spaces, U33’s design is born from a single unit pendant that can be combined and assembled with others to fulfill different lighting needs. Its modularity and versatility provides users a level of freedom and customization to create different lighting structures that accommodate their specific spatial and visual requirements.Shift


In the past Homeli has featured another of Shift’s designs: the Morena plant pot, composed of cast concrete and laser-cut wooden segments. This plant pot bears the same distinctively simple design traits as this angular lighting system, drawing on similar urban design styles.



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