The Planet: Modular Lounge Chair Workspace by MZPA

The Planet is a concept for a modular lounge chair and workspace by Ukrainian studio MZPA. It was envisioned for use in either a workplace or domestic setting, with the option to customise certain elements of the chair to suit the user’s need. This could include USB charging ports, a small shelf with cupholder, or a reading light.

Inspired by space-age design, the shell of the Planet chair by MZPA is composed of a geodesic dome, with supportive legs resembling the bonds in a chemical compound model. The overall form of the Planet Chair is not all that dissimilar to the iconic ball chair designed by Eero Aarnio in 1963, and gives the same sense of comfort through being enclosed.

It is great for the moments when you need to stay alone, gather your thoughts and focus attention on the task, take your mind off the office bustle, switch yourself and have a cup of coffee alone.MZPA

The structure of the Planet Chair is made of powder coated metal and the voids in this framework are covered with triangular segments of waxed plywood. These are simply screwed on and the modular, customisable nature of the furniture piece allows the user to replace these plywood coverings with more complex components, such as a window or the panel pictured below featuring solar cells.

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