16 Amazing Hidden Rooms and Secret Passageways in Houses

In days of old, country houses and castles were often built with secret passageways to enable families to escape attacks from rival clans and brigands. This trend has witnessed somewhat of a resurgence in recent years, with people becoming paranoid about intruders thanks to films like ‘Panic Room’. However the hidden rooms and secret passageways featured in this list are just for fun. After all who would put pictures of their secret rooms on the internet?

Hidden Room in Timber Clad Swedish Summer House Loft by LASC Studio

The minimalist loft of Skåne Summerhouse by LASC Studio plays host to a secret bedroom behind a concealed panel in the timber cladding.


Bookcase with Hidden Washroom and WC by Savvy Surroundings Design

A hidden wash basin and WC are to be found behind this secret bookcase by Savvy Surroundings Design.


Secret Child's Playroom Under Stairs in Danalda Residence by Von Fitz Design

There’s a super fun secret kid’s playroom under the staircase of Danalda Residence by Von Fitz Design.


Hidden Passageway Bookcase Through To Stairs by Kuhl Design

A hinged bookcase creates a secret passageway leading to a spiral staircase by Kuhl Design.


Secret Media Room in North Lake Wenatchee by DeForest Architects

Shelving conceals a hidden media room in North Lake Wenatchee by DeForest Architects.


Secret Wine Cellar Behind Natural Stone Wall by Creative Home Engineering

A secret wine cellar via a door camouflaged in a natural stone wall by Creative Home Engineering.


Secret Room Behind Bookcase in Inglisideby Visbeen Architects

Concealed entrance to a secret children’s room behind a hinged bookcase by Visbeen Architects in Ingleside.


Small Tunnel Under Stairs for Kids Play Area by Just Basements

A miniature archway tunnel under this staircase leads to a hidden children’s play area by Just Basements.


Bathroom with Hidden Sauna by Robin Pelissier

This bathroom features a secret sauna which is concealed by the wallpaper and skirting board by Robin Pelissier Interior Design.



Surely every child’s dream, Maple Seed Renovation created this Narnia style wardrobe which leads to a secret playroom. The use of a warmer shade of light in the hidden room makes it feel like its in a different dimension.


Secret Playroom Through Shelving in Hillside Retreat by Witt Construction

The central compartment of this shelf is hinged and leads to a hidden playroom by Witt Construction in Hillside Retreat.


Hidden Crystals Room Behind Shelving by Karina Oldemans Interior Design

A secret room containing displays of crystal and rock samples behind a shelf by Karina Oldemans Interior Design.


Hidden Room Behind Bookcase by SellarsLathrop Architects in Hilltop House

There’s a concealed reading room behind this hinged cabinet bookshelf in Hilltop House by Sellars Lathrop Architects.


Secret Kid's Playroom by Refined LLC

Adults have to crawl to get through this tiny secret passageway leading to a children’s playroom by Refined


Secret Room Behind Bookcase by Bellisi Design

Bellisi Design created this bookshelf at the end of a corridor which conceals its hidden room perfectly.


Rotating Staircase by Creative Home Engineering

If you want to take things to the next level then you could hire Creative Home Engineering to install a revolving staircase to screen off access to an entire floor. But we’re getting into James Bond villain territory now and I think it’s time to stop.


We’ve tried our hardest to reference the architects and interior designers who created these hidden rooms and secret passages. However due to the nature of the internet and sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and WeHeartIt, it’s not always possible to find the correct original sources, even with reverse image searches. If you designed, hold the rights or have anything to add about any of the images from this list, please leave details in the comments below.

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