Rustica Hardware Industrial Minimalist Sliding Barn Doors

Warehouse Industrial Cog Barn Door Rollers and Track by Rustica Hardware

Rustica Hardware are a proudly American made hardware and ironmongery company who specialise in track and roller sliding barn doors. Hardware including door fittings is an important aspect of interior design but one which has been neglected in recent years with designs becoming more and more generic. Rustica Hardware are bringing some much needed creativity to this field with their unique sliding barn door systems.

Minimalist Horse Shoe Barn Door Track

Rustica Hardware Double Triangle Barn Door Rollers and Track

The roller and track fixtures that Rustica Hardware produce cover a wide range of styles including minimalist, industrial, and antique; some of them even border on steampunk with their abundance of cogs and scrap metal. These more elaborate options cost considerably more than the minimalist rollers but definitely have the wow-factor.

Close-up of Double Triangle Modern Cog Roller nad Track in Steel

Warehouse Barn Door Hardware by Rustica Hardware

In fact the price of the hardware that Rustica offer is actually quite reasonable considering the level of work that goes into making each one and the unique designs. Sure the highly detailed Warehouse roller as pictured above costs $595 but this price includes two of these rollers, the bar on which the run and the fixtures with which to set them up. Furthermore some of the simpler offerings have a refined minimalism and are very affordable – the example below costing just $349 for a set.

Horseshoe with Bar Barn Door Rollers by Rustica Hardware

Minimalist Single Wheel Black Roller and Track Minimalist by Rustica Hardware

Rustica Hardware also make barn doors that you can hang from your roller and track hardware, offering a discount if you buy both from them. These vary in style and price widely but I actually think that the simpler, cheaper ones look better as they don’t detract attention from the remarkable roller track systems which are what make Rustica Hardware so unique.

Rusted Archer Barn Door Rollers & Track by Rustica Hardware

Double Triangle Barn Door Slider Wheels by Rustica Hardware

Close-up of Warehouse Barn Door Roller Track Cogs

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  1. Sophie Smith


    I am look ing to purchase 5 roller sets for 5 door ways, can these be supplied to the UK, if so at what cost?

  2. Nancy Black

    Hi. I am interested in one of your roller systems. Do you ship to the uk?

    Do you have a pdf of the sliding barn door hardware?


  3. Estelle Lotter

    Do you have suppliers in the UK where I can source these doors.
    With thanks,

  4. Laura Hughes-Onslow

    I ama designer/specifier in the UK and need to specify sliding door gear. Can someone email me with suitable distributor or where to buy please.

    1. Avatar photo Author

      Hi Laura, please visit the official Rustica Hardware website here.
      It’s an online shop and I think they do accommodate UK orders

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