Viride Minimalist Plant Maintainers by Goula / Figuera

Viride Tres Cultivating a Hanging Plant Specimen

Goula / Figuera have designed this series of decorative plant growing apparatuses which the Spanish designers have called Viride. Viride derives from the latin for ‘green’, and its an appropriate name as they’ve been optimally designed to keep your plants as green as possible by slowly rotating. They feature several circular slimline LED panels on stems which shine onto the plant from different angles and the objects are intended to be dual purpose: to both maintain a plant specimen, and to serve as lamps to indirectly light the room.

Viride Mister Watering Plant

Viride Dos Plant Maintainer by Goula Figuera

Vertical Tripod Plant Maintainer Lamp

The Spanish designers, Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, have created three distinct models, each intended for different types of plants: a tripod variation to house a solitary air plant, an elongated model suitable for plants that grow at height and hang down, as well as a more low profile vessel for a dense bed of smaller specimens. All bear a highly minimalistic aesthetic, with structures being composed of thin black metal frames.

Viride Tres Rotating Plant Pot

Viride Uno Sustaining an Air Plant

Plants, in order to live in interiors, have always relied on the need of natural light which enters through the windows, and its amount and quality, has always conditioned the choice of a specific kind of plant for each interior space. However, in modern interiors, natural light is not always available, while, at the same time, the advances on artificial lighting today allow to grow vegetables without a single ray of sun.Goula / Figuera

Close-up of Plants Growing in a Viride

Minimalist Tripod Plant Pot Lamp by Goula Figuera

As shown in the video above, the vessel in which the plants resides slowly rotates in order to ensure that the specimen receives the optimal amount of misted water and light. Most importantly, all sides of the plant receive even amounts of light and moisture which is difficult to achieve with a plant growing on a windowsill as they will tend to grow asymmetrically.

Viride Dos Model with Lighting and Water Pipe for Plants

LED Panels Offer Sustenanec to a Plant Specimen in Viride by Goula Figuera

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