Wardrobe Hexagonal Modular Coatrack by Studio Rene Siebum

Wardrobe Hexagonal Coatrack by Studio Rene Siebum Series

Hexagons are pretty neat. They can be considered one of geometry’s most efficient shapes due to the splendid fashion in which they fit together, and they keep showing up throughout the natural world (as well as in a lot of the designs we feature on Homeli). Wardrobe is Studio Rene Siebum’s take on the geometric marvel and serves as a highly versatile coatrack for the hallway or bedroom.

Close-up of the Hexagonal Wooden Modules in Mahogany

This elegantly simple piece is composed of over a hundred hexagonal modules that can be rotated individually. These hexagons are made of untreated mahogany wood and each bears two small notches in which the neck of a coat, the strap of a bag, or just about any item of clothing or other article of personal paraphernalia can be hung. When not in use, Rene Siebum’s Wardrobe also serves as a piece of minimalist wall art.

Adjusting the Wardrobe Modular Coatrack Array

A research exploring the dynamics in  geometry, resulting in an system that allows an endless repetition of itself in size and form. The object is constructed of hexagonal blocks and transforms a Wall into a Wardrobe or can be built up as a separate space. Besides the clear storage function our playful nature is triggered in its use.Studio Rene Siebum

Wardrobe by Studio Rene Siebum with a scarf and hat

Medium and Small Sizes of Hexagonal Wardrobe Coatrack by Studio Rene Siebum

The Wardrobe coatrack arrays are available in small (35), medium (70) and large (140) sized installations — priced between €320 and €920 — which can be ordered by getting in contact with Studio Rene Siebum here.

The hexagonal wooden modules being handmade by Rene in Eindhoven at a rate of 1470 in 2 days.

The hexagonal wooden modules being handmade by Rene in Eindhoven at a rate of 1470 in 2 days.

The mahogany modules can be individually rotated to hang clothes

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