Accordion Furniture Series by hs² Design Studio

The Accordion furniture set by South Korea based hs² Design Studio consists of three distinct storage units with folding stiff fabric panels concealing their contents. The series is of course named after the accordion, with the zigzagging concertinas of the folded fabric resembling the expanding air chambers of the traditional instruments.

The way in which the fabric folds up allows it to function in a similar way to sliding doors, and makes the Accordion furniture highly space efficient. It would be well suited for narrow areas such as hallways or in small apartments in which a cabinet door that opens outwards would simply consume too much space.

The Accordion series – composed of a low media stand, a triple shelf cabinet and a wardrobe – has been designed with a choice of four muted colours for the fabric components to compliment the wooden rear of the furniture. With its fabric doors, Accordion can serve to soften a room in lieu of soft furnishings, offering a cosy look and feel while maintaining a sharp minimalist aesthetic.

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