Illuminated Cracked Log Lamp Stools by Duncan Meerding

Cracked Log Lamps by Duncan Meerding Lighting a Path

Made from logs that would otherwise have gone to waste, these lamps by Duncan Meerding have an enchanted feel to them from the warm glow that emanates. They can be setup either inside or outdoors to serve as beacons for lighting pathways, and the overall shape of the logs of course means they can also be used as stools or side tables as desired.

Cracked Log Lamps Outside

By turning them into a vessel for light, we can bring the outside in, and be reminded of our intrinsic connection with nature.Duncan Meerding

The designer Duncan Meerding is in fact classed as legally blind, and he has cited this alternate sensory perception as the inspiration behind the flow of light and the tactile nature of these lamps. The cracked log lamps house warm-hued LEDs which are both energy efficient and remain cool enough to be safe in their wooden enclosures.

View from Above Cracked Log Lamp with Light Emanating

Many of my designs reflect my interest in light and its dispersion, represented by my simplistic forms and different lighting designs. Being legally blind, this vision of light emanating from the peripheries and the highly tactile nature of my work reflect the alternative sensory world within which I design.Duncan Meerding

Cracked Log Lamp Outside

These cracked log lamps are for sale in a couple of small shops across Australia, but Duncan Meerding also sells them along with other wood-derived lampshades through his online shop. The log lamp stools pictured here are priced at $640 AUD while smaller pendant lamp varieties are for sale at $280. Unfortunately it appears as though shipping only extends to Australia at the current time but this could be extended in the future.

Illuminated Cracked Log Lamp Stools by Duncan Meerding

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