Casa Boher in Lo Curro, Chile by S3 Schmidt Arquitectos

Casa Lo Curro in Chile by S3 Schmidt Architects

Built on a sloping site overlooking the Chilean capital of Santiago, Casa Boher (aka Casa Lo Curro) straddles an irrigation canal which flows under its raised central corridor. The remarkable residence was designed by S3 Schmidt Arquitectos and is nestled amongst dense eucaplyptus trees on a Lo Curro hillside.

This video by esteemed Chilean architect, photographer and filmmaker Pablo Casals-Aguirre offers a unique insight into Casa La Curro. It documents how the inhabitants make use the space through a series of carefully selected viewpoints, while revealing the extent of the multifaceted dwelling and its surrounding forest site.

Natural Stone Walls and Full Wall Windows of Casa Lo Curro in Chile

View of Casa Lo Curro through Bushes

View over Casa Lo Curro in Chilean Forest

S3 Schmidt Arquitectos certainly made a point of incorporating the surrounding natural elements within Casa Boher – from the use of floor-to-ceiling windows and natural stone exteriors, to the zero-edge swimming pool which mimics the tiered canal waterfall that flows under the house.

View Across Central Infinity Pool of Casa Boher


Casa Boher transcends the standardised architectural styles, blending a traditional composition with modern structural elements; natural stone and wood with glass and concrete.

Raised Pool of Casa Boher by S3 Schmidt Arquitectos

Swimming Pool of Casa Lo Curro amongst Forest and Natural Stone Walls

View Down Glass Walled Corridor of Casa Lo Curro

Raised Corridor Over Waterfall in Casa Lo Curro

The central corridor, which spans the length of Casa Boher, makes extensive use of frameless floor-to-ceiling windows to make the most of the extraordinary natural environment that surrounds the house. The heights of these windows relative to the ground vary greatly despite Casa Lo Curro being largely single levelled. This is due to the sloping hill site, and at times these transparent ‘walls’ overlook the poolside area from a heights of several metres.

View Out over Surrounding Forest of Casa Boher

Garden of Casa Lo Curo by S3 Schmidt Arquitectos

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