Wire Bonsai Trees by Ken To

3 Tree Wire Bonsai in SIlver by Ken To

These wire bonsai trees are the work of Ken To, an artist who stumbled upon this medium while perfecting his composition skills for real bonsai trees. He began styling living bonsai trees in 2007 but after photographs of his wire sculptures began circulating amongst bonsai and art communities, the pieces became highly sought after and it looks like he now focuses mainly on the wire sculptures.

Wire Bonsai Tree by Ken To

Summer winter two tone wire bonsai tree with deadwood

Wire Bonsai Tree Sculpture

Cascading Raft Bonsai Tree in Copper Wire by Ken To

Ken To certainly isn’t the only artist to produce sculptures of trees out of wire but he’s by far the best at reproducing the aesthetics of developed bonsai trees and the subtler elements of the art form. Considering living bonsai trees take years to grow and decades to develop their full character, crafting the trees from wire is a much more time efficient method of practicing the art. Ken To has been selling his sculptures through his website for between roughly $50 and $150 a tree although every piece is a one of a kind and they seem to sell pretty quickly.

Willow Bonsai Tree in gold, silver, copper by Ken To

Cascading 3 color bonsai tree on rock by Ken To

Wire Bonsai Tree by Ken To on Rock

Winter Bonsai Tree in Silver Wire by Ken To

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