Turn Messy Electrical Wires into Cable Wall Art

Mantlepiece Cable Drawing by Maisie Broadhead

Most of us think of electrical wires as a nuisance that needs to be tactically hidden when adding a device to our homes. Instead, perhaps we should be embracing our electric cables, and using them to create distinctive wire wall art. The following pieces might not be to everyone’s taste, but far better to fix cables in bold deliberate lines, than to be tripping over trailing wires everywhere.

Bold Deliberate Lines in Electrical Wires Interior Design

Cable Drawings by Maisie Broadhead

Artist Maisie Broadhead used wires in her 2009 piece ‘Cable Drawing’, in which she created the outline of a mantlepiece mirror from the wire of a work lamp. She did of course need to entirely replace the light’s cord — and don’t underestimate the quantity of wire required to create wall art like this.

Cable Drawings Compilation by Maisie Broadhead

All in all, Maisie used 40 feet of electrical cable in this baroque-style mantlepiece installation, but a more modern design without so many curves and double-backs would no doubt require a lot less. The best way to plan your own project like this is to first pencil your design onto the wall (or another similarly sized practice surface) and then use simple string to measure how much electrical cable you will need.

City Skyline Wall Art with Electrical Cable

Looping Wall Art Made from Electric Cable

As you can see in a lot of these examples, basic cable wall clips were used to affix the wire at various points. These are very easy to fit but can be somewhat unsightly depending on wall and wire colour. Wall adhesive can be used for a more seamless look, but can be a lot more difficult to apply.

Curling 'Off' Text in Electric Light Wiring

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