The Dine Table with Built-In Ice Bucket by Miguel Mestre

White Wine at The Dine

The Dine is a new circular table designed by Miguel Mastre which houses a recessed ice bucket at its centre. It’s not exactly the biggest development in the evolution of the table but the addition of an ice bucket in The Dine table is a welcome and harmless detail that certainly adds an element of fun.

The Dine Table

The table is perfect when hosting guests and Miguel Mestre designed the Dine from the start to “create a relaxed and friendly environment“. The Dine table’s recessed ice bucket also has the potential for commercial applications in cafes and restaurants.

The Dine Table Ice Bucket Close-up

The ice bucket is located at the centre making it equally accessible for everyone sitting around the table, avoiding the need to awkwardly lean over others, or to disrupt conversations to ask for another cold beverage. To make it easy to renew the ice, the bucket is removable and also has a cork at the bottom which allows the water to be drained at the end of the evening.

The Dine table plywood leg

The Dine table is made of marine plywood, a variety of the layered material which has been specially treated so it doesn’t warp and go soggy when exposed to water. This makes it safe to use The Dine table outside but is also quite a necessary specification due to the amount of condensation and water splashes the ice bucket is bound to generate when used. The table also has a white lacquered surface which should afford it extra protection against dents and moisture.

Close-up of Plywood in The Dine Table

Unlike most of these sort of pretty cool design concepts, this one can actually be bought. Miguel Mestre is selling The Dine through Madeiguincho on BigCartel for the sum of €650 (£550 / $895).

The Dine Table by Miguel Mestre

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