DREW HOUSE ~ Anthill Constructions

Exterior of DREW HOUSE by Anthill Consutrctions

This amazing cottage is called the Drew House and it serves as a holiday retreat for the Australian photographic artist, Marian Drew and her family. Located near Seventeen Seventy, a town just south of Gladstone and the most northerly surf break on the east Australian coast, it’s the perfect place to enjoy their holidays.

Seating in Cylindrical Room of DREW HOUSE

Bathroom of DREW HOUSE with Views of Australian Forest

Simon Laws of Anthill Constructions said “Living and sleeping pods along with a bath house were built in Brisbane, close to construction services and transported the 500 km to the fully completed site. The prefabricated parabolic roofed structure and decks were erected on site and the various pods were connected through a large central outdoor living and dining area.

Natural oiled timbers and other low-finished materials create a neutral environment that along with the dynamic indoor/outdoor spaces, allow the maximum enjoyment of the wonderful bushland setting and mild sub-tropical climate. Rainwater tanks, solar hot water and electrical panels and a passive energy efficient design make the house largely self sufficient.

Living Area of DREW HOUSE

DREW HOUSE Entrance at Night

The living and sleeping pods are connected by a large roofed outdoor living & dining area. And with minimal impact on the land from construction, the largely self sufficient building is simple, elegant and luxuriously at the same time.

Bedroom of DREW HOUSE by Anthill Constructions in Australia
Outdoor Seating Area of DREW HOUSE in Seventeen Seventy, Australia

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