‘Blind Windows’ Trompe-l’œil Murals in Istanbul by Pejac

Passerby Observing 'Shutters' Painting by Pejac

The renowned Spanish street-artist Pejac recently made an expedition to Turkey, during which he painted three trompe-l’œil murals in the backstreets of Üsküdar, Istanbul. The subjects of these paintings are windows, shutters, peeling posters and keyhole locks, and they appear as though they are actually inset into the wall.

Lock Tromp-l'oiel Wall Art in Istanbul by Pejac

'Poster' Mural in Istanbul by Pejac

Instead of using spray paint and stencils, typically the go-to medium for street artists, Pejac instead opted for fine paintbrushes, acrylic paint and sandpaper to create these three murals. He has called them “Lock”, “Shutters” and “Poster”, and all three use masterful perspective techniques to give depth to the paintings and create optical illusions within the wall.

Painting Depth into a Peeling Poster Painting

Pejac Painting the Window Frame of 'Shutter's in Istanbul, Turkey

Pejac has stated on his Facebook page that the series of three paintings, collectively titled ‘Blind Windows’, are about a “lack of freedom”. I’m speculating that this is possibly regarding recent social media censorship in Turkey which included Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Inset Keyhole Lock Illusion into Wall Painting by Pejac

Shutters Optical Illusion Painting by Pejac in Uskudar, Istanbul

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