Star Wars House in South Korea by Moon Hoon

Starwars House in Korea by Moon Hoon

By far my favourite aspect of the Star Wars universe is the unique designs of the buildings and spaceships, and Korean architect Moon Hoon has captured the style of these futuristic structures in this residential dwelling. StarWars House serves as a home for a family with children, and certainly stands out amongst it’s rather mundane suburban setting.

White Minimalist Interior in Star Wars House

The ‘Star Wars’ aesthetic was achieved largely by inscribing the grey exterior rendering with a series of geometric lines that makes the walls appear panelled. This echoes the Death Star’s exterior modular components, and these lines coupled trapezoidal form of the building also resembles the utilitarian AT-AT Walkers.

Side View of Star Wars House with Inscribed Exterior Rendering

Circular WIndow and Rounded Archway in Star Wars House

The interior of the house features a number of circular windows and apertures including archways, which have a distinctly Tatooine feel when combined with the white plastered interior.

Raised Area and Desk

Children's Play Area Upstairs

A narrow central atrium surrounded by vertical timber strips connects the ground floor with the roof light at the top of this 3 storey house. This allows natural light to reach all portions of the dwelling without compromising privacy, and also reminisces on some of Star Wars’ most iconic scenes which feature vast columnar ventilation shafts.

View Up Through Shaft Atrium in Star Wars House

Timber Strips Shielding Central Atrium Shaft

Moon Hoon can look back on a portfolio of buildings that are equally, if not more unusual than Star Wars House. This includes works such as Conan House and Roll House which I recommend checking out here on ArchDaily. His website is hilariously bad, even by architect standards, with a level of quirkiness that matches many of his buildings; I didn’t even know modern web browsers still supported side scrolling marquee text. You can try and see it for yourself here, although be prepared for some enormous .gifs and a 91MB (ninety-one!) homepage.

Amazing artwork by Moon Hoon

Amazing artwork by Moon Hoon

Hidden Entrance to Kid's Playroom in Star Wars House by Moon Hoon

Star Wars House by Moon Hoon in Suburban Setting

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