Butake Wooden Pixellated Lounge Chair by Raúl Téllez Herrera

The Butake chair was designed by Raúl Téllez Herrera of Arquiteknia with a randomly pixellated appearance. This chair is based on a butaque, a kind of traditional Mexican lounge chair with a rounded cupping seat but this incarnation has a distinctly modern feel being modelled on the sharp angular shape of a pixellated blur. Arquiteknia seem to have a tendency to base their furniture designs on traditional Mexican objects such as their Maria chair which resembles a dress.

Side View of Wooden Block Butake Lounge Chair


The Butake chair looks remarkably elegant for something so blocky and solid in nature. This is probably down to the tapering projections of the pixels which extend outwards behind and below the chair as well as the unsettlingly narrow intersection between the back and the seat of the Butake chair. This wooden lounge chair in fact features a concealed metal frame which holds the blocks together and provides underlying integrity to this potentially frail looking joint. Raul Téllez Herrera is primarily an architect at Mexican firm Arquiteknia so this kind of structural underpinning in a piece of furniture is child’s play to him.

The wood used in the butake chair is banak, a hardwood from South America which affords the chair a warm tone. Because of the way the wooden blocks protrude from the chair like beams of light and extend to the floor, there is a large surface area in contact with the ground creating a sturdy base.

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  1. Alberto

    i wanna make one of my own, could you share measures and how to doit please, i will apreciate it :) thanks. BUTAKE PIXELATED

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