Shelton Residence by El Dorado Inc

View Through Living Space from Courtyard over Canopy

Set partially underground, yet somewhat paradoxically looking directly out into a canopy of trees, the Shelton Residence by El Dorado Inc is a complex dwelling which heavily incorporates natural elements into its largely concrete structure. It is situated on what was originally a sloped site, which has been flattened into tiers to allow for a split level project.

Inset Courtyard Area of Shelton Residence in Concrete

The Shelton Residence is ultimately a careful study of site section, nestled tightly in to the site on one hand, and floating effortlessly above the site on the other.El Dorado Inc

Steps Down into Courtyard of Shelton Residence by El Dorado Inc

The Shelton Residence follows a U-shaped floor plan, with a concrete courtyard inset into the earth. This space features a fire pit, tiered planting spaces as well as the steps which provide main access to the home. The way in which this courtyard is composed means that the living quarters can feature floor-to-ceiling windows all round for plentiful natural light, while still enjoying privacy from ground level.

Tiered Planters and Wildflower Green Roof of Shelton Residence

Minimalist Interior of Shelton Residence Overlooking Tree Canopy

Bedroom of Shelton Residence by El Dorado Inc

The roof of the main building has been replanted with native wildflowers to minimise the footprint of the largely concrete structure on the land. Several smaller trees have also been embedded into an area of decking at ground level.

Shelton Residence at Ground Level

Through an intimate relationship to site and landscape, the Shelton Residence enjoys dynamic relationships with seasonal transitions. As fall fades to winter, the bright shades of yellow from the silver maple in the back yard are in contrast to the deep amber of the little bluestem grasses on the rooftop.

The bright colors of autumn accentuate the visual transparency of the house as it descends down the site, and in the evening, the planted rooftop seems suspended between tree branches and living space.El Dorado Inc

Ground Level of Shelton Residence with Natural Elements

Exterior of Shelton Residence by El Dorado Inc

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