Greenhouse Shed by Linda Bergroth and Ville Hara

Greenhouse Garden Shed by Ville Hara

Architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth got together to design these garden sheds which feature storage and greenhouse in one split structure. The duo designed the series of greenhouse-shed kits for the Finnish Home & Garden shop Kekkilä — although the picturesque studio shown in these photos is actually Linda’s own customised installation derived from the prototype.

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09

Reclaimed Brick Entrance to Linda Bergroth's Greenhouse Cabin

The combination greenhouse-sheds are made from toughened safety glass and Finnish pine to form structures with steep pitched roofs to displace snowfall. Kekkilä’s greenhouses are sold as kits that can be self-assembled easily and comprise a modular series of 4 progressively sized greenhouse configurations,  aptly named from ‘Garden Shed Sprout’ right up to ‘Garden Shed Harvest’ for the largest.

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09

Four different sheds – to suit all gardening dreams and garden types – can be built from the various shed modules. Garden Shed Rest, equipped with a pergola between the shed and greenhouse, is the perfect choice for those who like to take time out from gardening and relax with a cup of coffee, for example.Ville Hara

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09

As mentioned, the version you see before you is the prototype of the greenhouse-shed series which Bergroth customised to create her own garden studio. It serves as an extra bedroom for her cottage during the summer month in this rather idyllic Finnish island setting. She has added hardwood flooring, as well as small solar panels to power the lighting and a Philips record player.

Philips Record Player and Plant Pots Detail

Customised lighting installation by Linda Bergroth

Close-up of Reclaimed Brick Step

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09

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  1. Gerhard

    The glassy shed looks nice …. but I do not believe you would want to spend much time in it when the sun is on it.
    Much too hot.

  2. Leaf Kalfayan

    I live in London and would dearly like to buy a Thrill shed….

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