Diwani Chair by AE Superlab

AE Superlab Designed the Diwani Chair

Inspired by the flowing lines of arabic writing, the Diwani Chair is composed of elegantly contoured plywood segments that form a sculptural yet ergonomic lounge chair. The resemblance to the Diwani calligraphic script becomes more apparent when the Diwani chair is viewed in profile.

Side View of the Diwani Arabic Script Inspired Lounge Chair

Close-up of the Contoured Curves of the Diwani Chair

The chair is constructed from around 50 vertical plywood segments which are precision cut using CNC routing. This plywood is cross-laminated which provides the structural integrity needed for such a refined and potentially frail form. The extended curve that forms the base of the Diwani Chair also serves as a subtle rocking surface.

Diwani Rocking Chair by AE Superlab

The lines of the chair are inspired by the evocative and dynamic profiles of Arabic Diwani calligraphic script. This fluidity of form and linearity of texture implies motion even when at rest.AE Superlab

B+W Photo of the Diwani Lounge Chair in Plywood by AE Superlab

Close-up of the Plywood Curves

AE Superlab have recently launched a designated webshop for their Diwani Chair design and are currently accepting pre-order enquiries (there’s no mention of pricing yet so don’t expect the pieces to be particularly affordable). However the designers are offering customisation options in this ‘initial run’ implying that production might potentially be scaled up in the future.

Layered CNC Cut Plywood in the Diwani Chair by AE Superlab

Diwani Chain in Minimalist Setting

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  1. Deirdre mc larnon

    Would love to purchase a Diwani rocking chair. I live in Ireland. Is it possible to buy and get delivery? And if so how much?

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