Silverwood House: Portuguese Villa Renovation by Ernesto Pereira

Silverwood House Renovation by 3r-arc in Evening

A rather dated looking suburban Portuguese villa was recently transformed by Ernesto Pereira (3r-arq) into this cutting-edge dwelling. The renovation of Silverwood House is defined by its crisp white rendering and its extensive use of intricately diagonal timber cladding both inside and out.

Silverwood House White Render and Timber Cladding Modern Portugal Renovation

Silverwood House in Portugal Prior to Renovation

Silverwood House with its traditional Portuguese architectural style prior to renovation.

The former house is barely recognisable when compared to its current state, and the persona of the dwelling has changed to that of a luxurious modern villa. Ridged terracotta roof tiles have been replaced with clean lines, and unnecessary protrusions such as the porch swapped for negative space.

Silverwood House Villa in Portugal

Diagonal Timber Swimming Pool Stepping Platforms at Silverwood House

Many of the outdoor surfaces are finished with diagonally aligned timber cladding, including the decking, balcony, alcoves, and even the swimming pool’s stepping platforms. The diagonal theme is also to be found with the interior floors and was even painstakingly continued on the staircase.

Diagonal Wood Flooring and Staircase at Silverwood House by Ernesto Pereira

I decided to bring the beach to my clients so that they could feel, every day, the proximity of the dunes, sand and untreated wood.Ernesto Pereira

Silverwood Outside Decking Space and Hammock Alcove

Silverwood House Side Facade at Night

Ernesto Pereira at 3r-arq was tasked to renovate the pre-existing traditional house with a budget of just €100,000 and the final result certainly seems to be worth this sum. Admittedly the type of thin-strip timber cladding used throughout the design is a very cheap material to start with, but it has been used to its full potential in Silverwood House by rotating it 45° to deliver both a minimalistic and homely appeal.

Minimalist Office with Wooden Shelving at Silverwood House

Silverwood House by Ernesto Pereira

Silverwood House Living Room

Diagonal Thin Strip Timber Cladding at Silverwood House

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