Hedlyte by CreativeSession – Geometric Polygon Deer Head Lighting

Deer Head Modern Minimalist Geometric Polygon Hedlyte by CreativeSession

A modern take on an antiquated icon, Hedlytes by CreativeSession are concept wall lights which play on the traditional image of animal head hunting trophies. In Hedlyte, taxidermy has been replaced with an angular minimalistic geometric shape reminiscent of the early computer graphics style known as low poly.

Deer and Elephant Head Minimalist Lighting by CreativeSession called Hedlyte

These wall adornments aren’t merely for decoration and as the name Hedlyte would suggest, the polygon animal heads also serve as wall lights. The deers antlers and the elephants tusks are made of a light clear material in contrast to the dark remainder of the heads and these clear appendages allow light to shine through casting ambient illuminations in a room.

Deer Hedlyte in Interior Design Setting

Hedlyte appears to just be another concept by CreativeSession like their unique TRMNL desk. These two pieces bear the same bold modern design style and I think Hedlytes in particular could have a lot of commercial success if it does eventually get picked up for production.

Elephant Hedlyte with Intial Geometric Polygon Sketches

Hedlyte Polygon Deer Heat Lighting by CreativeSession

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    I’d love to be able to buy this, are there any plans for manufacture?



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