House Book Rest Lamp from Suck UK

Book Rest House Lamp by Lee Sang GinWhen a book is rested on the peak of this bedside lamp, it is instantly transformed into an archetypal pitched roof home. The gabled form resembles a child’s drawing of a house and is a brilliantly playful yet simple piece of design.

Suck UK Book Rest Lamp

The pentagonal prism of the lamp is made from white frosted glass which gives out a soft even light that is ideal for reading. When you’re finished, simply lay the open book down on the house’s ridge to save your place. This means no more folded pages, lost bookmarks or bent spines as the book rest lamp keeps your page open by propping up your book at a ‘responsible’ angle.

Book Rest House Lamp by Lee Sang Gin for Suck UK

Note that the Book Rest Lamp doesn’t automagically turn itself off when a book is placed on its ‘roof’. This could be a pretty neat feature but would also make the lamp’s controls quite inflexible. However, resting a book on the lamp does of course serve to dim the lamp by simply blocking out the light emitted. This makes for a smoother transition in light levels prior to switching off the lamp before sleeping.

Book Rest Lamp in Dark Setting

Book Rest Lamp Packaging from Suck UK

The Book Rest Lamp was designed by Lee Sang Gin for Suck UK who make all sorts of playful design products. This lamp is sold through Suck UK for £60, and there are plenty of other websites based in other countries who might sell it more locally to you.

Book Rest House Bedside Lamp

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