Perch Light: Origami Bird Lamp by Umut Yamac

Perch Light, by Umut Yamac

Perch is a unique lamp by multi-disciplinary designer Umut Yamac. Composed of folded paper with brass trimmings, this elegant origami-inspired light balances perfectly on an accompanying brass rod to subtly light a room.

Umut Yamac Holding his Origami Bird Lamp Design

Paper Origami Bird Lamp on Brass Rod Perch by Umut Yamac

The points at which the claws perch on the contacts are what complete the electrical circuit that powers the embedded LEDs. However these contact points are also incredibly fine and allow the bird to rock freely in the wind. As shown in this video, a breath of air is all it takes to rock the lamp. Umut Yamac cited this interactive element and the act of balancing as the ideas that initially prompted the design of his Perch Light.

Long Exposure Photo of Perch Light Bird Rocking

Side View of Perch Light Rocking on Brass Rod

Kirsty Whyte's Photograph of Umut Yamac's Perch Light

By powering this origami bird light through its feet, the setup can remain largely cable free, so as not to lessen the elegant nature of its design. The light source also remains completely concealed inside the origami bird (which essentially serves as a fully-closing lamp shade), and makes use of LED for low power consumption.

Origami Paper Bird Lamp by Umut Yamac

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  1. Javier Navas Fabregat

    Dear Sir/Madam

    We are an architecture studio in Prague and we are doing a big hotel in the city. We liked your lamps, specially Bird Lamp (the standing lamp version). Can you send us the more information and price?

    Thanks in advance


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