Crane Lamp by dialoguemethod for MUNITO

Crane Lamp by dialoguemethod for MUNITO

The playful crane lamp by South Korean designer dialoguemethod has recently gone into production through MUNITO and is now on general sale. It is remarkably simple in design obviously drawing a lot of inspiration from real-world construction cranes but what is really great about the crane lamp is how little materials are used.

Crane Lamp MUNITO In Living Room Setting

dialoguemethod's range for MUNITO including Crane Lamp

This is minimalistic design at its best with virtually no superfluous details. The simple maple wood structure stands elegantly in place held together with just a few wingnuts and extends its arm over the subject area. The light bulb resembles a wrecking ball but the wire both delivers electrical current and acts as a tensile cable supporting the free hanging arm of the crane.

Crane Lamp Light Bulb

Crane Lamp Structure

Intentionally bright colours have been employed for the plastic coating of the cable to add a burst of vibrancy to the otherwise dull maple wood. There’s no attempt to hide the cabling of the Crane Lamp with excess wire being wrapped around the base of the frame emphasising the utilitarian, minimalist design. Thanks to this simple design, the Crane Lamp can be assembled in around 90 seconds as this video demonstrates.

Crane Lamp Excess Wire

Crane Lamp Base


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