Domestic Gathering Carpet Fire by Stephanie Langard

Copper Fire Bowl at the Centre of Stephanie Langard's Tapis Carpet

The Domestic Gathering Carpet (Tapis) is a design by Stephanie Langard that revives the notion of a communal fire to gather around. The designer selected appropriately primitive materials and craft techniques for the design with leather and copper being woven together to create a mat surface.

Close-up of Woven Leather and Copper Tapis Carpet

Copper, one of the first metals historically to be extracted from ore, was of course selected due to its remarkable properties of conductivity. This would enable the heat of the fire to travel and warm the entire carpet along with those sitting on it. It’s also relatively malleable making it possible to weave it by hand amongst leather strips.

Partially Woven Copper and Leather Strips

Historically the television was conceived to transmit information and entertain, but above all to gather neighbours around a single point, to create a bond.

Nowadays, new technologies have isolated members of the same family, of different age groups while they live under the same roof. However, these new technologies have permitted us to forge other bonds, other networks in a vast space making our world an even smaller place.

At a time where nuclear families are struggling to come together in order to spend quality time with one another, I wish to explore the notion of forging bonds and gathering around quite a primitive element: the fire.Stephanie Langard

Domestic Gathering Carpet Fire by Stephanie Langard

The lack of a flue in the design’s current form would obviously make Langard’s Tapis unsuitable for an enclosed domestic setting, but it would be ideal for outside spaces and cold stone floors as shown in these images. Unfortunately Stephanie Langard’s Domestic Gathering Carpet doesn’t seem to have made it past the concept stage but there could be a very real market for such a design in glamper’s (glamorous-camping) yurts.

Woven Segment of Carpet with Leather and Copper Strips

Domestic Gathering Carpet Tapis with Copper and Leather

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