Cross Lamp Concept by Sergey Buldygin

Array of Cross Lamp Pendants by Sergey Buldygin

Inspired by the structures of crystal lattices, the Cross Lamp is a Sputnik-esque lighting concept by Sergey Buldygin with a minimalist and modular design. Modular both in the sense that each individual lamp is composed of optional interchangeable wooden stems of various lengths, and because an array of the pendant lamps can be hung together to form a repeating crystal lattice.

Exploded Component View of Cross Lamp Concept

The Cross Lamp is composed of three distinct materials: a metal core, 6 wooden stems which can be screwed into this fixture, and the LED light sources themselves which in turn screw into these wooden stems. These would be made of a translucent material to diffuse the light evenly and Sergey Buldygin envisions them being made of either glass or plastic.

Cross Lamp Concept by Sergey Buldygin with Long Limbs

The Cross Lamp is based on a three-dimensional cross, as a simple mannered, basic element of the crystal lattice. Owing to such a form, several lamps can be formed into ordered groups of various kinds, both symmetric and asymmetric.Sergey Buldygin

Vast Array of Cross Lamps Inspired by Crystal Lattices

Option for Cross Lamp Modular

The limbed structure of each lamp means they can be hung from the ceiling and emanate light into all corners of a room, but also means they could be rested on the floor, standing on these limbs to serve as occasional lights. Plastic diffusers would perhaps be the more appropriate material choice for this usage case.

Interior with Cross Lamps as Pendants and Floor Lights

Cross Lamp Examples without Optional Wooden Limbs

At present, the Cross Lamp is still just a concept design by Sergey Buldygin and the images you see here are renderings created by the designer.

Single Unlit Cross Lamp

Irregular Formation of Cross Lamps

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