Twins Coffee Table with Two Concealed Chairs by Claudio Sibille

Removing Second Chair from Twins Coffee Table

Unexpected guests? Uruguayan furniture designer Claudio Sibille has you covered with this coffee table concept. At first glance it would appear to be a simple structure, but concealed within the hollow structure are two comfortable lounge chairs which can be easily extracted at a moment’s notice.

Twins by Claudio Sibille in Interior

Simple Twins Coffee Table by Claudio Sibille

The incorporated lounge chairs housed within the Twins coffee table bare a similar form to some of Claudio Sibille’s other notable chair designs such as the Mantis lounge chair. His portfolio draws heavily on the mid-century modern style while continuing its legacy and incorporating many modern design elements into the furniture.

Removing Side Panels of Twins Table to Reveal Integrated Chairs

Removing Lounge Chairs Concealed within Twins Coffee Table by Claudio Sibille

Unfortunately there are currently no plans to put the Twins furniture series into production and the images shown here are in fact merely computer renderings. However the somewhat unorthodox design would be perfectly possible to produce, and as the legs of the lounge chairs are the only adjustable elements of the furniture, they would still have a high degree of structural integrity.

Twins Coffee Table with Two Lounge Chairs by Claudio Sibille

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