Wood Melbourne Minimalist Concrete and Timber Bathroom Fixtures

Minimalist Bathroom with Concrete Sink by Oliver MacLatchy

The taps in our homes seem to be exclusively chrome, but Oliver MacLatchy is determined to break this status quo. He decided to form Wood Melbourne and hand-make bathroom fixtures composed of three simple materials: wood, concrete and brass. The Wood Melbourne range currently features taps, spouts and shower heads, as well as a cast concrete sink basin.

Wood Melbourne Range Components in Concrete, Brass and Wood

Minimalist Concrete Washbasin and Taps

MacLatchy originally began making bathroom fixtures from reclaimed wood when he realised the material’s potential for spouts, but his second wave of designs now incorporate concrete which couples well for a minimalist style. The reclaimed wood he uses is carefully selected and goes through extensive refinishing to ensure it is of quality. The surface of the wood is then waxed to protect it in a potentially wet bathroom environment.

Bath Spout Made From Reclaimed Wood

Close-up of Concrete Bathroom Fixtures from Wood Melbourne

These fixtures are all handmade by Oliver MacLatchy from his small Melbourne workshop and he sells them through the Wood Melbourne website, as well as from his small showroom in West Brunswick, Melbourne. The fixtures cost between $242 and $660 AUD, which is pretty reasonable considering each piece is handmade in Australia, their unique designs, and when comparing prices with more conventional mass-produced fittings.

Oliver MacLatchy Hand-Making a Spout

Brass, Wood and Concrete Bathroom

Wood Melbourne Minimalist Concrete and Wood Bathroom Fixtures

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