Concrete Sofa by Four Eight Eight

Dog Sitting on the Concrete Sofa Outside

This is not a leather sofa. Ewan Allan, a concrete artist at Four Eight Eight cast this furniture piece using a masterfully crafted mould (pictured below). The quality of the mould and concrete mix itself is so fine that even the texture of the original leather can be observed on the finished concrete sofa.

Concrete Sofa by Four Eight Eight

Mould used to cast the Concrete Sofa

The mould used to cast the Concrete Sofa

The body of the sofa is in fact partially hollow in order to keep the piece down to a more manageable weight of just over 100kg. An assortment of glass fibres are also incorporated into the concrete mix for added strength. The concrete sofa is then set on a steel frame base to further continue the illusion of it being an authentic leather sofa.

Arm Rest of the Concrete Sofa

Sitting Surface and Buttoned Leather Surface of the Concrete Sofa

The Concrete Sofa seems to be primarily created for outdoor usage, and due to the quality of the concrete and the sealant used, it can be left outside throughout the year without fear of frost damage. However it could of course also be used in an inside setting — as long as guests are warned before they sit down.

Close-up of the Concrete Leather Texture and Buttons

Rear View of the Concrete Sofa by Ewan Allan

Concrete Sofa in Blue by Four Eight Eight

Four Eight Eight are offering their concrete sofas for sale at a standard price of £3,000, with optional extras such as custom colours and an alternate stand coming in at £150 and £100 respectively. Overall a rather reasonable price for such a unique and masterfully crafted piece, that will likely outlast civilisation itself — to the bemusement of future archaeologists.

Back Rest Leather Detailing in Cast Concrete Sofa by Four Eight Eight

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