DIY Concrete and Lego Bedside Tables via HomeMade Modern

Red, White, Yellow, and Blue Lego and Concrete Table

HomeMade Modern is one of my favourite sources for easy, creative, and modern DIY projects and this Lego and concrete side table exemplifies this perfectly. The site currently has 59 guides online, which they describe as episodes, and they all have a distinct minimalistic industrial style that ensures that the finished pieces will all compliment each other in your home, should you decide to follow several of their tutorials.

Required Equipment for HomeMade Modern's Concrete and Lego Side Table

The tutorial by Ben Uyeda details how a mould for the concrete table can be constructed from simple Lego bricks, and then easily disassembled once the concrete has set. Ben even fashions a trowel for smoothing the concrete out of Lego bricks.

A Self-Fashioned Lego Trowel for Smoothing Concrete

Fear not for the Lego bricks used can apparently be easily cleaned in cold soapy water in order to flake off any remaining concrete and still be reusable. If you don’t have any Lego at home then bulk boxes of assorted Lego bricks can be bought relatively cheaply on eBay.

Removing the Lego Mould from the Cast Concrete Table

HomeMade Modern's Concrete Bedside Table with Wood Finishings

The nightstand can either be completed with further Lego pieces to form the legs and the drawer itself, or with simple unfinished timber. Both look great but the Lego option is definitely a lot more playful.

Drawer made from Lego and Concrete

HomeMade Modern also features several other similar projects which also make use of Lego to make moulds for concrete: a neat little set of concrete nesting tables, and an 8-bit style concrete skull plant pot. But of course by the very nature of Lego, you’re free to create your own shapes for concrete moulds to cast exactly what you’re after.

Multi-Coloured Lego and Concrete Bedside Table

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