Bloc’d Sofa by Scott Jones Design

Bloc'd Sofa by Scott Jones

Bloc'd Sofa Central Divider

There are modular sofas and then there are modular sofas; this is the latter. While what is currently considered a modular sofa might allow you to arrange large bulky sections to form corner sofas, footrests or L-shapes, the Bloc’d sofa can be customised on a much smaller scale. Some of the more practical configurations of Bloc’d are pictured here but as I’m sure you can imagine the possible combination in which the blocks could be arranged are countless.

Bloc'd Modular Rearrangable Sofa

Bloc'd Sofa with Backrest

The Bloc’d sofa is made up of a soft-maple frame which houses 18 upholstered foam modules. Most of these foam shapes are cubes of around 40cm in length but the Bloc’d sofa also includes 3 cuboids and 3 L-shaped modules. Interestingly these L-shaped blocks can either be arranged vertically to form backrests or rotated 90° to interlock and form a raised armrest as pictured.

Bloc'd Sofa With Armrest

Bloc'd Sofa Part Disassembled

Transforming the Bloc’d sofa isn’t exactly quick and easy, and it isn’t really practical to be reconfiguring it before each sitting session. There’s no automated button or lever as you’d expect to find on a recliner, but then again that’s all part of the fun with some likening the Bloc’d sofa to a game of Tetris. Expect to have pieces of the sofa cast everywhere while you’re reconfiguring it and if you have kids then just forget it.

Bloc'd Sofa Back to Back

Bloc'd Sofa Each End

The Bloc’d Sofa was designed by Scott Jones, a freelance industrial designer but unfortunately there don’t currently seem to be any plans to put this remarkable modular sofa into production.

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