Looped Star Shaped Clothes Horse by Aaron Dunkerton

Looped Star-Shaped Clothes Horse by Aaron Dunkerton

Aaron Dunkerton developed this looping star-shaped clothes horse during his furniture design degree at Kingston University. It’s made of beech plywood and aluminium rods and is composed of just 6 different components making it cheap to manufacture. It has the upper hand over conventional clothes airers in both form and function and is an overall brilliant piece of design.

Aaron Dunkerton Star Shaped Clothes Horse Packed Away

The looping star shape is a far cry from the standard clothes horses we’ve become used to but its circular form is actually far more convenient for hanging clothes than would first meet the eye. For example longer items such as trousers can be hung in the middle and have space to dry, t-shirts can be dried on the right and left sides and smaller items such as socks can rest on the lower rods. The star-shaped clothes horse boasts 10 more hanging rods than regular dryers and is far smaller when packed away.

Stretching Out the Star Shaped Clothes Horse

Some have commented that this design of clothes horse is in fact very old and was used by the Amish. However given the premise that this is essentially just a looped extending clothes airer, and that the designer is from the UK and therefor unlikely to have visited many American antique shops, it’s fair to say that Dunkerton likely conceived this star-shaped clothes horse independently.

Closing the Loop of the Star Shaped Clothes Horse

Whoever first came up with it, this clothes horse truly is a remarkable piece of design. It looks more elegant, works more efficiently and collapses more compactly than the clothes horses we use nowadays and I for one would definitely buy it if it comes to production.

Star Shaped Clothes Horse by Aaron Dunkerton

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  1. Sue dawson

    I really love the star shaped clothes horse , where can I buy one ? Cheers. Sue. Uk

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