The Wood Stacker by Unearthed

The Wood Stacker by Unearthed

Winter is coming and The Wood Stacker by Unearthed could help you store your firewood in style while keeping it organised. The unit is 1.8 meters in diameter, with a depth of 40cm, and is capable of holding one tonne of wood. A circular segmented frame separates your firewood into 4 compartments which allows you to sort your wood out into kindling, medium sized sticks and logs.

Two Wood Stackers Holding Pinecones and Logs

The frame of the wood stacker is made from mild steel with a red-rusted finish. This matches some of the other garden furniture pieces Unearthed create include a hose pot and trough shaped planters.

Unearthed are based in Australia and sell their Wood Stacker pictured here for $2200. They do also offer a bespoke service in which customers can customise the finish and compartment configuration, and the price for these options does of course vary.

Organised Firewood Logs and Kindling in The Wood Stacker

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  1. kevin

    could you please tell me how much the wood stacker is worth and how much it wieghs

  2. Sonya Adkins

    Hello- I am interested in you circular wood stacker.

    Does it have a back on it?
    Also, how is it stabilized so it doesn’t roll and could it be hung on a wall?

    Thank you

    1. Avatar photo Author

      Hi Sonya, we don’t sell the wood stacker. However I can see from the images that it doesn’t have a back, and I’d be very surprised if it didn’t have fixtures to stop it rolling away

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