VARY Configurable Modular Foam Sofa by Nina Bruun

VARY sofa with S-shaped configuration

Nina Bruun developed VARY, a reconfigurable modular sofa, as an answer to what sofas have come to be used for nowadays. What was in the past a setting for a relaxing sit down, sofas have now become ‘where we sleep, work, eat, love and socialise’, particularly with the wider adoption of laptops and iPads.

VARY sofa with back and arm rests

The VARY sofa is comprised of a foam base set on an oak plinth with several variously shaped foam modules. These elements can be arranged in a number of different ways to produce various sofa configurations. The user might at some point desire a chaise longue while at other times want a sofa with back and arm rests for two people; VARY makes this possible.

VARY Modular Sofa by Nina Bruun

VARY Sofa as Chaise Longue

The base and configurable elements are made up of polyurethane foam which has been upholstered in a grey textile. This coupled with the natural oak base gives the VARY sofa a minimalist appearance. However a subtle decorative detail has been incorporated in the fluorescent green thread which runs around the edges of the fabric.

VARY sofa backrest stack

From the project details provided I can’t work out what holds the modular foam shapes in place. Velcro could be one solution although would require that the same pieces – the ones without velcro on top – are always used as the uppermost cushions. Magnets set within the foam could be a sexier option but would likely make the sofa very expensive.

VARY sofa by Nina Bruun can be reconfigured

If you enjoy this configurable modular sofa, you might also be interested in the Bloc’d Sofa by Scott Jones.

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    I’m wondering if the VARY sofa is for sale and if it is possible to ship it to Amsterdam (The Netherlands). If so, what are the costs? And what textile is the sofa made of?

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