Mahabis Slippers: Felt Shoes with Detachable Rubber Soles

Mahabis Product Packaging Outlay Rendering

Mahabis describe themselves as ‘a brand centred around downtime’, a portion of our day that is vastly under catered for in the field of minimalist design. The designers of Mahabis slippers drew upon the traditional casual footwear of Morocco, Scandinavia and India for inspiration while creating their shoes, and this cultural exchange was coupled with a refined aesthetic from the London based design studio to create these elegant yet practical slippers.

Side View of Mahabis Slippers with Rubber Soles

Mahabis Slippers in Light Skien Grey and Blue Soles

But Mahabis slippers aren’t intended to serve exclusively for around the home. They can also be combined with detachable rubber soles which were designed in conjunction with the grey wool footwear to provide additional grip and protection from the elements for outdoor wear. These rubber soles affix to the base of the slipper via a simple fastener at the rear of the shoe. And Mahabis slippers also feature a collapsible neoprene back around the heel to allow them to be worn either as loose slipper, or as a conventional shoe.

Collapsible Heels

The upper felt portion of the slippers will initially be made in just two rather minimalistic colours, larvik light grey and larvik dark grey. But if you’re hoping to inject some colour into your slippers then you’ll be happy to learn that the detachable rubber soles are available in 6 different colours, grey, black and the four more vibrant options pictured below.

Mahabis Colourful Rubber Soles

Detachable Rubber Sole Fastening

This is not a slipper designed for athletic performance or built to help you win. This is about the rest of the day, your other adventures. Helping you wind down. Feel at home.Mahabis

Faux Sheepskin Lining of Mahabis Slippers and Felt Exterior

Mahabis slippers are admittedly somewhat expensive for what they are, but the £60 price tag is by no means excessive for a pair of quality, comfortable slippers and they could make a great Christmas gift idea. The fact that they also function as outdoor shoes with their detachable rubber soles also makes Mahabis slippers quite a unique proposition.

Mahabis Slippers Available Colours

Mahabis Summer Slipper

Mahabis Summer Slippers

Mahabis have also recently unveiled their new ‘summer slipper’ which is made of a material more appropriate for wearing in warm weather. As opposed to the felt and wool body of their ‘classic slipper’, this new summer slipper design is made from a highly breathable mesh material and feature a lightweight lining. The body of the summer slipper is available in 4 muted tones which include: agen aqua, nora navy, gya grey and sala stone, and these colours can be paired with the same vibrant rubber soles shown above with their grey wool slippers.

Mahabis Summer Slippers on Model

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    would love to purchase a pair of these gorgeous, comfy, looking slippers but how?????????

    1. Avatar photo Author

      Hi Jacqui, we’ve had quite a few people that were interested in buying Mahabis slipper so we included a ‘buy this’ button at the top and bottom of the article.

  2. David

    Didn’t know slippers could look this cool, ordering a pair for my nephew this christmas

  3. Martin Allen

    Very happy with my pair. They wear slightly bigger than your actual size so if you fluctuate between two sizes, go lower than higher in size.

    Discount code worked fine on the main website. If you visit the site more than once, you might find the discount pop-up disappears after the first visit, so just clear your browsing history and cookies and try again. Worked for me.

    One pair of soles came as part of the package – you can choose the colour. Presented in lovely box with zip lock plastic bag for soles.

    Very happy.

  4. Bonnie

    Do you have to purchase the changeable soles separately?
    If so how much per pair?

  5. Lesley

    I went onto the website and an offer for 10% off first purchase came up. The link wouldnt work, so I tried to contact them but that link wouldnt work either! I’d like to buy a pair, and I’d like the discount … any ideas why this isnt working, or how to contac them?

    1. Avatar photo Author

      I think they have quite an active Facebook page, and Mahabis often post things on facebook with 15% discount codes which might be worth a try.

  6. Anna Hammersmith

    Detachable soles… who would think of? But now when I’m looking at these slippers, the idea doesn’t look bad at all. In fact these slippers look very practical and comfy. Even, I might purchase a pair just to try them.

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