Consola Table in OSB Chipboard and Rubber Cord by Jorge Diego Etienne for NotWaste

Consola Table for NotWaste in OSB Chipboard and Minimalist Rubber Cord

The Consola table was designed by Jorge Diego Etienne for NotWaste, a range of highly sustainable furniture made from eco friendly materials such as OSB chipboard and rubber cord. The aim of NotWaste is to popularise and make commonplace these readily available materials which are primarily composed of recycled derivatives.

Consola Table by Jorge Diego Etienne for NotWaste

Console Table by Jorge Diego Etienne Minimalist Chipboard and Rubber Cord

Coarse wooden chipboard, known as OSB, forms the main structure of the Console table which not only provides a surface on the top but also features storage around the edges. Rubber cord has been threaded around the perimeter of the table between the two planes of OSB chipboard which serves to enclose and organise the objects stored within.

Consola Table Surface with Sewn Rubber Cord

This threaded rubber cord results in a childlike and playful sewing pattern being created on the surface and underside of the table which adds a subtle element of fun to an otherwise minimalist furniture piece. The vertical black lines of the rubber cord also somewhat resemble prison bars which humorously incarcerate your belongings, a theme which Jorge Diego Etienne revisited with his Cages table. These vertical supports are perfect for holding in place books and magazines, an ideal feature for coffee tables.

Flexible Table Storage Between Rubber Cords and OSB Chipboard

Other notable designs from the NotWaste furniture range include the Clara lounge chair which also features an OSB chipboard frame along with rubber cord to create a body supporting mesh as well as the Pancha stool.

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