Set Shelving by Stephanie Hornig

Set Shelf by Stephanie Hornig - Reconfigurable Scissor Trellis Inspired Shelving Set Shelving was developed by Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig to be a customisable and adaptable system. The wooden framework of the shelving unit was inspired by scissor trellises – commonly used in gardening – which can be expanded to fit any space due to their pivoting joints. This expandable birch frame makes it possible to alter the size of the shelves by compressing or stretching out the lattice and resting steel sheets on the wooden strips to lock it in place. Compressed Narrow Set Shelf by Stephanie Hornig Lay Out of Set Shelf Components These powder coated, bent steel panels come in a range of sizes as pictured above which allow the Set Shelving to take on a number of different configurations. Small bookend modules at the right can also be attached to the diagonal strips of Set Shelving to divide the shelf and to hold books upright. This modular system by Stephanie Hornig is very fun to customise and it’s minimalistic aesthetic makes it a blank canvas for your possessions in a similar way to Ikea Expedit (Kallax) shelves. Being composed of modular elements also makes Set Shelving very light weight, compact and therefor portable. The simplicity of the system means it could be cheap to produce and very quick to assemble – ideal for student accommodation or even shop displays. Benet Steel Panels for Set Shelving by Stephanie Hornig Set Shelf Prototype in Black

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