PUSH Solo and Trio Sculptable Metal Bowls by Fundamental

Push Solo Bowl by Fundamental in Brass

The Fundamental Group – by far our favourite conveyor of mathematically inspired design – have created these geometric Push bowls which the users get to sculpt themselves. The small dishes come as flat circular sheets with a triangular geometric pattern cut into them and the resulting metallic mesh is very pliable allowing you to push into it shape your own bowl.


Arrangement of Push Jewelry Bowls by Fundamental

It seems like Fundamental primarily intend these bowls to be used for keeping jewellery in but they can be easily turned to other purposes. I have one of the Solo bowls myself and use it as a coin dish, while in the design process video Fundamental show them being used to serve food from.

The video also gives you a better idea of what it’s like to form a Push bowl than the pictures can. I hadn’t seen it when I ordered my Push bowl a few months ago and I’d expected it would be easier to form perfectly symmetrical vessels from Push discs than it actually is. But after playing around with the bowl for a while I found that I actually savoured the imperfections of my sculpting as they made it feel handmade, like the delicate pieces of anciently crafted gold upon which Push was inspired.

Making Indentation in the Geometric Grid of Copper Push Bowl Sheet

Sculpted Brass:Gold Trio Push Bowl with Facet Reflections

Each triangle ends up pointing in a slightly different direction and the multitude – of what are essentially facets – reflect the light at various angles. I’ve never experienced a product with such machine-made precision that can also feel so natural and handcrafted.

3 Miniature Push Solo Bowl Prototypes in Steel Copper and Brass

Copper, Steel and Brass Trio Push Bowl Sheets by Fundamental

Push bowls are available from Fundamental’s Gifts Under €50 section in three different metals: brass, stainless steel and copper. They also come in two shapes, a €16 perfectly circular bowl called Solo with a diameter of 15cm and an €18 set of 3 conjoined dishes called Trio.

Trio Push Bowl by Fundamental in Brass

Steel Push Bowl as Flat Circular Sheet

Sculpting a Push Bowl

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