Stained Glass Forest Cabin by Neile Cooper

This remarkable cabin set within a New Jersey forest was created by Neile Cooper who has been infilling its walls with a multitude of colourful, nature-inspired stained glass designs. Neile uses the stained glass cabin as a sanctuary and artist’s workshop from which she continues to hand-make smaller stained glass items.

The cabin is constructed from salvaged timber and reclaimed window frames gathered over time from older structures that were damaged. Cooper posts regular updates from the stained glass cabin to her Instagram and it would appear from her latest captures that there are still some ‘blank canvas’ window panes that she might choose to decorate in the future.

Neile Cooper also runs an Etsy shop through which she mostly seems to sell smaller jewellery and decorative pieces made from stained glass. However she also lists the occasional stained glass window panel such as those which make up the remarkable cabin pictured here — which although considerably more expensive, are still modestly priced for what they are.

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