Music Branch Headphone Splitter from MoMA by Kikkerland

Music Branch 3-Way Headphone Splitter by Kikkerland on MoMA

The Branch headphone splitter by Kikkerland lets you share your music with those around you by plugging – or planting – this tree inspired gadget into the 3.5mm audio port of your music player. The simple device then branches out providing 3 further access points for your friends to plug their own headphones into meaning no more awkward one-ear-each shared earphone arrangements.

Music Branch Earphone Splitter with iPhone

Ok, so in terms of functionality the Music Branch doesn’t vary all that much from a standard headphones splitter (aside from offering one extra port), but it’s certainly a lot better looking than the basic¬†utilitarian splitters we’re used to. What’s more the Music Branch isn’t exactly expensive either at $10 through MoMA or ¬£8.75 on Amazon UK.

Music Brand Headphone Splitter in Blue, Brown and White

Music Branch also comes with a cap over the audio jack to protect it when not in use along with a chain loop for key rings so it’s always to hand when you might need it.¬†Originally the Music Branch headphone splitter was available in three colours: white, brown and blue, but now I can only find it for sale in white – which is probably for the best as it looks a lot better.

Note that one reviewer on MoMA pointed out that the Music Branch wasn’t compatible with certain iPhone hard cases due to the hole around the audio socket not being wide enough to accommodate the the Music Branch stem. It’s also worth remembering that Music Branch only splits your headphone port 3 ways – the 4th smaller appendage is merely for decoration to make the tree branch effect look more natural and doesn’t actually feature a socket.

Share Your Music Branch White

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